Teflon Coating Services  
  Service Price  
 Teflon Coat Most Bolt Action Rifles$250.00 
 Teflon Action Only130.00 
 Rejewel Bolt After Teflon$80.00 
 Teflon Barrel Only$120.00 
 Polish Fluted Barrel$40.00 
 For Scope Bases and Rings ADD$40.00 
 Additional Magazines, Boxes, Etc.$30.00 
 Cerakoting, applies to certain bolt rifles, colors available$250.00 
 Engraving, double line script or block$50.00/line 
 Cearkote action only Matte Black H-146, optional colors available150.00 
 Cerakote barrel only Matte Black H-146, optional colors available130.00 

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